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You must read and fill out this form before Kai USA, Ltd. can sell to you, or ship to you, any Automatic or Butterfly Knives. By electronically signing this online form, you confirm that you are in compliance with the federal statutes shown below as well as any applicable state and local regulation.

By placing an order or receiving a product service (such as warranty repair service) from us, you agree that you meet any or all of the following criteria:


18 U.S.C. § 1716 (G) (2) (1-4) provides, in summary:

Switchblade (automatic) knives can be shipped to civilian and armed forces supply or procurement officers and employees of the federal government ordering or procuring or purchasing such knives in connection with activities of the Federal government; to supply or procurement officers in the National Guard, the Air National Guard or militia of the state or territory of the District of Columbia ordering, procuring or purchasing such knives in connections with the activities of such organizations; to supply or procurement officers or employees of the municipal government of the District of Columbia or the government of any state or territory of any county, city or other political subdivision of a state or territory ordering, procuring or purchasing such knives in connection with the activities of such government.

15 U.S.C. § 1244 provides, in summary:

Knives can be shipped by common carrier; that sale, transportation or distribution, possession or introduction into interstate commerce of switchblade knives is authorized if it is pursuant to a contract with the armed forces; or, any member or employee thereof acting in the performance of his or her duty may possess switchblade knives and may have them shipped to him and sold to him or her. The possession and transportation upon his or her person of a switchblade knife or a blade 3 inches or less is authorized to any handicapped individual who has the use of only one arm.


It would be impossible to provide an exhaustive review of the laws that may apply in the various fifty states and in the various counties, parishes, municipalities, and other political subdivisions within each state. By signing this form below, you will be certifying that in addition to complying with federal law, you have determined which, if any, state or local laws apply to you, and that you are acting in compliance with those laws.

No Post Office Box addresses can be used on this form. Item(s) must be sent in going UPS or Fed Ex. No USPS shipments will be accepted. If the address that you have filled out on this form is no longer a valid address, you must contact us and fill out a new form.

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Product Care

Kershaw knives are designed to work hard. Take care of your Kershaw with regular maintenance to make it last.

Cleaning & Oiling

Always keep your knife clean. Wipe away debris and, if needed, wash with a mild detergent and dry thoroughly. Do not let your knives sit in water. Due to the high carbon content of the quality steel in our blades, the blade may corrode if not properly cared for. Wiping a light coating of oil on the blade and hinge before storage is also important for keeping your investment in proper working order. Most household oils, WD40, 3-in-1 oil, or gun oil will work just fine for maintaining your Kershaw knife. We recommend using Kershaw Knife Oil.

Blade and Handle Coatings

The technologically advanced coatings on the blades and handles of some Kershaw knives are designed to add beauty to the products and to enhance specific performance features. Although Kershaw coatings are designed to stand up to continual knife use, in time, all coatings will show some wear. Scratches and other signs of wear should be expected and considered normal.

Black blur bladeBlack blur blade

Care for Kershaw Shears

Keep shears debris free. If needed, wash with mild detergent. Then wipe dry and add a light coating of oil to the blades and pivot point. The blades of your Taskmaster shears separate to make cleaning especially easy.

Kershaw taskmaster shearsKershaw taskmaster shears

Adjusting Screws

Please use Torx bits (not an Allen wrench, which will strip the screws) to adjust screws on Kershaw knives. Most screws may be adjusted using either a T6 or T8 Torx bit, we recommend using the Kershaw TX-Tool. T6 fits pocketclip, handle, and safety-lock screws on current model knives. T8 fits the pivot screw. Some older models (prior to 2000) may require a T4. If screws on your knife are coming loose or you think the holes could be stripped, use thread locker (such as blue Loctite 243) and let set for 24 hours before using your knife.


Your knife comes with FREE lifetime sharpening. Just send the knife in to our Tualatin, Oregon facility, we’ll sharpen it and return it to you. You can also sharpen your knife with the Kershaw Ultra-Tek Sharpener.

Hold the blade against the Ultra-Tek at the original sharpened angle of 18°–22°.

Beginning at the base of the blade and tip of the sharpener, pull the blade down and toward you across the top of the sharpener in a slight arc as shown in the illustration. Do the same thing across the bottom of the sharpener as shown. This sharpens the top of your blade.

Repeat this “over and under” motion approximately three to five times on each side to fully sharpen your knife.

If your Kershaw knife needs repair, please see information about the Limited Lifetime Warranty.