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You must read and fill out this form before Kai USA, Ltd. can sell to you, or ship to you, any Automatic or Butterfly Knives. By electronically signing this online form, you confirm that you are in compliance with the federal statutes shown below as well as any applicable state and local regulation.

By placing an order or receiving a product service (such as warranty repair service) from us, you agree that you meet any or all of the following criteria:


18 U.S.C. § 1716 (G) (2) (1-4) provides, in summary:

Switchblade (automatic) knives can be shipped to civilian and armed forces supply or procurement officers and employees of the federal government ordering or procuring or purchasing such knives in connection with activities of the Federal government; to supply or procurement officers in the National Guard, the Air National Guard or militia of the state or territory of the District of Columbia ordering, procuring or purchasing such knives in connections with the activities of such organizations; to supply or procurement officers or employees of the municipal government of the District of Columbia or the government of any state or territory of any county, city or other political subdivision of a state or territory ordering, procuring or purchasing such knives in connection with the activities of such government.

15 U.S.C. § 1244 provides, in summary:

Knives can be shipped by common carrier; that sale, transportation or distribution, possession or introduction into interstate commerce of switchblade knives is authorized if it is pursuant to a contract with the armed forces; or, any member or employee thereof acting in the performance of his or her duty may possess switchblade knives and may have them shipped to him and sold to him or her. The possession and transportation upon his or her person of a switchblade knife or a blade 3 inches or less is authorized to any handicapped individual who has the use of only one arm.


It would be impossible to provide an exhaustive review of the laws that may apply in the various fifty states and in the various counties, parishes, municipalities, and other political subdivisions within each state. By signing this form below, you will be certifying that in addition to complying with federal law, you have determined which, if any, state or local laws apply to you, and that you are acting in compliance with those laws.

No Post Office Box addresses can be used on this form. Item(s) must be sent in going UPS or Fed Ex. No USPS shipments will be accepted. If the address that you have filled out on this form is no longer a valid address, you must contact us and fill out a new form.

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Explore these FAQs first, then if you still have a question, we’d be happy to help.

General Questions

Can I buy your products at your factory?

We're sorry, but you will not be able to walk into our lobby and purchase products. We do encourage you to visit one of our many authorized dealers to purchase our products.

Do you offer factory tours?

Kershaw does not have a public factory-tour program. However, if you have a group interested in a tour (for example, a school group, scout group, etc.), please contact us. We have arranged such tours in the past and would be happy to speak with you about it.

Do you have an outlet store?

No, Kershaw does not have an outlet store.

How do I become a Kershaw dealer?

Visit our dealers page to find information for contacting a representative in your area who will be happy to speak with you about becoming an authorized Kershaw dealer. Please call or email so that we can answer any questions you may have.

Where can I find a Kershaw dealer?

The best place to buy Kershaw Knives is from authorized dealers. Please visit our store locator to find a vendor near you. Purchasing Kershaws from these dealers ensures genuine quality. We cannot guarantee your knife will be genuine if you purchase from an unauthorized dealer.

If you don’t see a nearby Kershaw dealer listed on our site, please contact us. We may know of authorized dealer in your area who have not yet been listed on the website.

How can I get a catalog? How much do they cost?

We’d be happy to send you a FREE Kershaw catalog. Contact us with your request; be sure to include your mailing address so we know where to send it. You can view all of our current products online here in the knife gallery. Or download a PDF of our current catalog.

Product Questions

Is there a different style of pocketclip that will fit my knife?

We're sorry, but the only style of pocketclip that will fit your knife is the pocketclip that was on it when you purchased it. We can replace your pocketclip, but it will be with the same style that was originally on it.

Do you sell factory seconds?

No, we do not.

Where are your knives made?

Kershaw knives are made in the United States of America, Japan, and China.

What if my knife shows signs of wear—like scratches in the blade coating or fading?

The technologically advanced coatings on the blades of some Kershaw knives are designed to add beauty to the products and to enhance specific performance features. Although Kershaw coatings are designed to stand up to continual knife use, in time, all coatings will show some wear. Scratches, fading, and other signs of wear are not defects; they should be expected and considered normal. The warranty does not guarantee the esthetics of a product after it has been used. We are sorry, but Kershaw cannot recoat a blade for you, even for a fee.

Will you modify my knife?

Sorry, no; Kershaw cannot modify your knife. Modifying your knife voids your Warranty.

How thick are Kershaw blades?

The blade thickness of Kershaw knives varies according to style and intended use of the knife. Generally, Kershaw blades range from .09 inches (.23 cm) to .156 inches (.40 cm).

Do you make left-handed knives?

Yes. Many of our knives are ambidextrous, that is, they can be opened easily with either the left or the right hand. All knives that open with a flipper are ideal for either right- or left-handed users. Just look for the Flipper Icon on the product page for each knife to identify a flipper knife. What’s more, even if a knife does not have a flipper, it will most likely have ambidextrous thumbstuds that enable both left-and right-handed opening.

What does XXXX on my blade mean?

If the blade of your Kershaw knife has etched “Xs” on it, the knife was originally purchased at our former annual Warehouse Sale as a factory “second.” In other words, the knife is not “first” or top quality. These knives usually look and work just fine; they are simply not up to Kershaw’s demanding standards. As a result, these factory seconds do not carry the Kershaw Limited Lifetime Warranty and are not eligible for blade replacement.

How do I measure blade length?

When Kershaw measures blade length, we abide by the protocols of the American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI), of which we are members. The AKTI defines knife blade length as “the straight line extending from the tip of the blade to the forward-most aspect of the hilt or handle.” Given the variation in blade and handle shapes, this is a very useful and reasonable standard for blade measurement.

I have an older Kershaw knife. How can I find out how much it’s worth?

Unfortunately, we can only tell you the manufacturer’s retail price of any Kershaw knife at the time it was made. However, you may be able to learn more about your knife and its possible value in one of the many books about knife collecting and knife valuing available through your library, local bookseller, or online book dealer. Some online knife forums can also provide guidance. Good luck!

I’m looking for a particular knife model on your site, but I can’t find it. Why?

You may be searching for a knife that has been discontinued. We only have the current year’s production knives listed on our website. If the knife is older, it may not appear on our website at all. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find the specific knife you want. Often, our dealers will have discontinued Kershaw inventory available. Your best bet is to search for the product by Kershaw model number or name though a major search engine.

How can I find out about new products?

We update this website with our new products as they become available so you’ll always have online access to information about our latest products. You can also find new products by selecting “New” in the product shopping filters.

Assisted Opening Questions

What is Assisted?

Kershaw's revolutionary assisted opening system assists the user to smoothly open a knife with a manual push on the blade's thumb stud or pull back on the flipper. Many of Kershaw's best-selling knives feature our assisted opening system.

How safe is Assisted?

Very. Assisted opening helps the user to open the knife when the user overcomes the resistance of the torsion bar. Once opened, a locking system secures the blade in position so that it does not close accidentally. When releasing the lock, the blade won't snap shut due to resistance provided by the torsion bar. Since the torsion bar provides a bias towards the closed position, it will normally hold the blade securely closed. New assisted users can ensure safe use of the technology by practicing to proficiency.

How long does the assisted torsion bar last?

We have tested our torsion bar to 10,000 openings. However, at some point, the torsion bar may need to be replaced. We will gladly do this at our facility free of charge.

Who uses assisted opening?

Assisted opening was specifically designed for sporting and work situations where one-handed opening is preferable and safer. It's safe, efficient opening has made it a popular choice for hunters, fishermen, and those who require the one-hand opening function on the jobsite. It's also a popular option for casual users who find it easy to flip open the knife. This feature makes these Kershaws an excellent choice for everyday carry. 

Is an assisted knife a switchblade?

No. There are many unique features of Kershaw's assisted opening that make them quite different than knives that are considered switchblades. Unlike a switchblade, Kershaw's assisted blades DO NOT deploy with the push of a button in the handle or by gravity alone. Instead, the user must overcome the torsion bar's resistance in order to engage the assisted opening system. Because of this, Kershaw's assisted knives fall fully outside the Federal definition of a switchblade.

However, due to the complexity and constantly changing nature of these laws and regulations, it is impossible for Kershaw Knives to be aware of every restriction in every location in which our knives are sold or carried. It is the responsibility of the buyer to investigate and comply with the laws and regulations that apply in his or her specific area.

How does Kershaw's assisted open work?

The heart of Kershaw's assisted opening mechanism is its torsion bar. Closed, the torsion bar helps prevent the knife from being opened by "gravity;" it creates a bias toward the closed position. To open the knife, the user applies manual pressure to the thumb stud or flipper to overcome the resistance of the torsion bar. After the blade is out of the handle, the torsion bar moves along its half-moon track and assists the user to open the knife. The blade opens smoothly and locks into position, ready for use.

Care & Maintenance Questions

What’s the best way to carry a Kershaw knife in my pocket?

Most Kershaw folding knives feature a pocket clip. To ensure the knife remains closed until you open it, put the knife inside your pocket with the clip to the outside. The blade side of the knife should be snugged up against the seam of the pocket. A tight pocketclip, combined with placement against a seam will help ensure your knife does not open accidentally during carrying.

Many Kershaw knives come pre-drilled for a variety of carry options. The safe pocket carry positions for these various options should always snug the blade toward the seam of your pocket.

Options include:

1. Tip-down, rear-right pocket
2. Tip-up, rear-left pocket
3. Tip-down, front-left pocket
4. Tip-up, front-right pocket


• DO NOT clip the knife to the outside of your pocket
• DO NOT clip the knife to your belt

Fixed blade knives, of course, should be carried only in their sheath.

Find more information on Kershaw pocketclips.

To what angle should I sharpen my Kershaw blade?

Kershaw blades are sharpened to a range of angles, depending on the type of steel and end-use of the knife. Generally, Kershaw knives are sharpened to angles of between 20° and 22°. Fillet knives, however, are usually sharpened to 18°. When sharpening your Kershaw blade, we recommend maintaining a consistent angle of 18°–22°.

Does Kershaw sell sharpeners?

Kershaw offers one sharpener: the Ultra-Tek Sharpener. It features a 600-grit diamond sharpening surface. This grit is ideal for restoring the razor-sharp edge to sporting and pocketknife blades that are in generally good condition, just dull. For a knife in need of more extensive sharpening, we recommend you send it back to us to take advantage of our free sharpening service. Kershaw will re-sharpen any Kershaw knife for as long as you own it.

What’s the best way to sharpen my Kershaw knife?

The easiest and surest way to make sure your knife stays sharp is to send it back to us for free sharpening when the knife becomes dull. Just pay for shipping to and from our facility and we’ll sharpen it for free for as long as you own the knife. For more information on this service, visit our warranty section.

If you wish to sharpen your knife yourself, we can recommend the Kershaw Ultra-Tek sharpener. You can also successfully sharpen your knife on a whetstone or other specialty sharpeners.

What’s the best way to clean and maintain my knife?

Use compressed air or a soft cloth to remove surface dust and debris. If the knife is very dirty, wash it with mild soap and water, dry thoroughly, then oil it. Wiping a light coating of oil on the blade and hinge before storage is also important for keeping your investment in proper working order. Most household oils, WD40, 3-in-1 oil, or gun oil will work just fine for maintaining your Kershaw knife. We recommend using Kershaw Knife Oil.

What tools do I need to adjust the screws on my Kershaw knife?

Most Kershaw knives require a Torx bit #6 or Torx bit #8 to fit into the head of the screws. The Torx #6 fits the pocket clip screws, handle screws, and safety lock screws on all current model Kershaw knives. The Torx #8 fits into the pivot screw. Some older models (prior to 2000) may use a smaller torx bit #4.

Be sure to use a Torx bit and not an Allen bit—this is a common error. The slight difference in shape will strip the heads of the screws. Torx tools are usually available for purchase at both online and brick-and-mortar hardware retailers at relatively inexpensive prices. It may be a good idea to have your knife with you when you are shopping to ensure you purchase the correct size bit/s.

Kershaw offers bit sizes #6 and #8 in our TX-Tool. It includes five key bits for adjusting your Kershaws: T6, T8, T10, and a #2 Phillips® for most Kershaws, plus a slotted screwdriver bit for the pivot of the Kershaw–Emersons.

If screws on your knife are coming loose frequently or you think the holes may be stripped, try using some blue Loctite and let the Loctite set up for 24 hours before using your knife. Please feel free to contact Kershaw Warranty Service if you have any questions.

Please note that if you fully disassemble or if you modify your knife, you could void the Kershaw Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Learn more about caring for your Kershaw in Product Care.

Warranty/Service Questions

I accidentally broke my knife blade. Can you replace it?

Accidents happen. If you accidentally broke your Kershaw folding knife's blade, we have good news. We can replace your knife's blade for you, returning it to good working order for $25 (effective 11/1/21). Simply send your knife in according to warranty instructions. We'll replace the blade for you and return it to you. We are sorry, but the original, broken blade will not be returned to you. Please note that we cannot replace fixed blade knives.

Knives with XXXX on their blades are factory seconds and are not eligible for repair or replacement. We cannot replace blades for discontinued knives or limited-edition knives. Also note that replacement blades may or may not have the laser blade etching; in other words, a replacement blade may be entirely blank. Nevertheless, it is a genuine Kershaw blade. Kershaw blades that have broken due to a manufacturing defect will be replaced under warranty, free of charge, as always.

Will you sharpen my knife?

Yes, we will happily sharpen any Kershaw knife for you. We also sharpen every Kershaw knife sent in for warranty service as part of our normal procedure. If you do NOT want your knife sharpened, please make a note of it on the Warranty/Service Form when you send it in.

Please know that we can only sharpen and repair Kershaw knives. If you have a serrated Kershaw or Kershaw scissors, we will be happy to hone them for you, but we cannot sharpen them.

Also please note that due to increasing costs, we are now charging a flat $7 Return Shipping & Processing Fee. Thank you for understanding this necessary change to our policy.

How will I know if my knife is covered under warranty?

Please provide your phone number and/or email address on your Warranty/Service Form. If there is any problem with your coverage, we will call you to discuss your knife. Otherwise, we will repair your knife within our usual turnaround time.

Can I have a part sent to me?

We can send you screws, pocketclips, torsion bars, safety lock sets, the pivot bolt and screws, and handle screws for USA-made and import knives. We cannot send blades, handle scales, liners, etc. If you need a blade, more than one part, or parts other than those we can ship, please send your knife in for warranty service. If you want us to ship you screws, a pocketclip, a torsion bar, a safety lock set, a pivot bolt and screws, or handle screws for your Kershaw knife, please use our Parts Request Form here. Remember that parts are specific to each knife model, so please make sure the model number is included on the form. You can locate the four-digit model number (for example, 1660) on the blade or handle. 

I shipped my knife to you for repair. Have you received it yet?

We encourage you to ship via a carrier that provides a tracking number. The tracking number allows you to easily verify your knife's arrival at our facility. Please note that Kershaw will not notify you of the arrival of your knife at our facility; having a tracking number from your carrier will enable you to check with your carrier to ensure your package’s arrival.   

I added aftermarket parts to my knife, can you still service it?

Kai USA understands that many users enjoy modifying their knives. However, to ensure we can repair your knife correctly and in a timely manner, please remove any third-party parts and reinstall the factory parts prior to sending your knife for repair or service. If we receive a knife with aftermarket hardware, we will remove the parts and replace them with factory hardware to ensure we can adjust the knife to factory specifications. Kai USA will not be liable for damage or loss of aftermarket parts during the process of servicing your knife, but we will do our best to return the aftermarket parts with your knife. In the event we cannot remove the aftermarket hardware, we will be unable to repair or service the knife. Additionally, if the blade or handles have been modified, we may not be able to restore the knife to its intended factory function.

Can I have my old knife back if you choose to replace it?

We're sorry, but we cannot replace a knife and return the old one.

Can I ship my knife in a padded envelope?

Please use a box. Padded envelopes are often ripped or torn open during the shipping process and your knife could be lost. We cannot be responsible for knives lost during shipping. You will find safe packing tips here.

Where do I ship my knife for warranty service?

Please send your knives to Kai USA Ltd. You will need to complete our Warranty/Service Form, print it out, and include it with your package. The information you need can be found at our Warranty/Service page.

I live outside of the USA, Canada, or Mexico. Can I ship my Kershaw to you for warranty service?

We're sorry, but we can only provide warranty service to customers who purchased their products in the USA, Canada, or Mexico. If you purchased your products elsewhere, please contact the authorized dealer from who you originally purchased.

Website Shopping Questions

How is shipping calculated?

When you order, you will be able to choose from one of three shipping methods: Ground Shipping, UPS/FedEx Secound Day Air, or UPS/FedEx Next Day Air. These are flat rates anywhere within the continental US.

When will I receive my order? Order processing and shipping timelines.

Generally, we will process and ship your order within 1-3 days of receiving your order, excluding weekends and holidays. Delivery time depends on the shipping method you select. See approximate delivery times here.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards: Amex, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

How do I cancel my order?

You may cancel your order at any time prior to Kai USA processing your order by calling 1-800-325-2891, Monday-Friday, 8 am to 3:00 pm, Pacific Time, or emailing Unfortunately, we are not able to cancel orders once they have been shipped. You may, however, return the order once it arrives.

How do I access my order history?

If you have an account, just login to your account on this website and view My Orders. If you don't have one, you can register quickly and easily or enter your order information in the form here.

How do I return my order?

It's easy to return a product purchased from our website. You may return anytime within 30 days of when the order was placed. Please contact Customer Service to request a Return Authorization for products purchased from our website: 1-800-325-2891 (M-F, 8 am-3:00 pm, Pacific Time) or email us at

Be sure to have the information from your packing slip available. You will receive email instructions for returning your product. Ship your unused product, in its original packaging, to the address identified in our email. Kai USA is not responsible for returned items until they are received by us. We recommend that you insure/track your returned items. Find more information here.

How long do I have to return my order?

If you aren't delighted with your purchase, you can return an unused product, in the original packaging, and with a copy of our website email receipt, within 30 days and we will happily refund the purchase price.