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Kershaw pocketclips are selected to be compatible with the style and materials of the knife. In addition, the position of the pocketclip may be determined by the position of the knife’s other hardware, especially the pivot point and locking mechanisms. Most Kershaw folding knives come pre-drilled for a variety of carry positions, including reversible, 3-position, or 4-position options so taking your Kershaw with you is as convenient as possible.

See the photos below for the safe pocket carry positions for the various options. A tight clip, combined with this placement will help ensure your knife does not open accidentally during carrying.

Pocketclip Positions

Single position pocketclipSingle position pocketclip


The pocketclip is mounted in a single, fixed position on the knife handle.

Reversible position pocketclipReversible position pocketclip


Right-handed, tip-up or tip-down


Right- or left-handed, tip-up

3 position pocketclip3 position pocketclip


Right-handed, tip-up or tip-down


Left-handed, tip-up

4 position pocketclip4 position pocketclip


Right-handed, tip-up or tip-down


Left-handed, tip-up or tip-down

Deep carry pocketclipDeep carry pocketclip


This specially designed pocketclip is positioned at the very end of the handle so that the knife can be carried deeper inside the pocket.

Correct Pocketclip Usage

Using the pocketclip properly makes carrying your knife safer. A clipped knife will be less liable to open accidentally, even if the flipper is impacted by another object you’re carrying in your pocket, purse, or backpack. Not using the pocketclip may lead to serious physical harm.

To ensure the knife remains closed until you open it, put the knife inside your pocket with the clip to the outside as shown. The blade side of the knife should be snugged up against the seam of the pocket.

Front-Right Pocket

Front-Right PocketFront-Right Pocket

Front-Left Pocket

Front-left PocketFront-left Pocket

Back-Right Pocket

Back-Right PocketBack-Right Pocket

Back-Left Pocket

Back-left PocketBack-left Pocket


Do not clip the knife to your belt.

Do not clip the knife to the outside of your pocket.

Also, carrying a pocketknife loose in your pocket is not recommended.